Auchentoshan Whisky Distillery Visit

Distillery visit Auchentoshan

On Thursday 9th April I phoned Nicola about midday and asked her is she was free and we could journey down the Clyde and visit Auchentoshan Distillery, without hesitation Nicola had her Whisky Boy’s polo shirt on and awaited transport.

Auchentoshan Distilleryauchentoshan-distillery1
G81 4SJ

telephone: 01389 878561


Owned by Morrison Bowmore (Suntory)

Classed as a Lowland Malt Whisky ( but we shall talk more of this later)

The brand has recently had a complete overhaul and we detail below its current range

Auchentoshan Classic (non aged)auchentoshan-whisky-range
Auchentoshan 12 Year Old
Auchentoshan Triple Wood ( see our tasting)
Auchentoshan 18 Year Old
Auchentoshan 21 Year Old
Auchentoshan Select
Auchentoshan 50 Year Old ( a 1957 distillation)

Now that is quite a range and all with new bottles and label design, all looking very grand indeed.

Another wee note for you files this is the only Triple Distilled Scotch Whisky in Scotland.

On our arrival we found the Distillery to be very neat and clean and all the parking signposts were clear, quite a nice layout on the bonnie banks of the River Clyde.

We found the shop very inviting and displaying all its wares including those of Bowmore the very good Islay Single Malts and Glen Garioch.

Nicola and I took the tour and was shown around the distillery by Alistair a young man who has only been employed for several months by Auchentoshan, but we found him to be very helpful and certainly knew his stuff, and he did not get flustered in any way by the questions he was being asked, well done Alistair. Just a wee note to add to this the Whisky Boys have some Single Malts older than Alistair.

We would recommend and visitor to Glasgow or the surrounding area to take in this tour.

At the end of the tour we relaxed in Auchentoshan’s new bar/lounge for a wee tasting, on this occasion the 12 Year Old and the Triple Wood.

Jim preferred the 12 Year Old and Nicola the Triple Wood.

We enjoyed our couple of hours and did not go away empty handed, Whisky glasses, water jugs and a bottle of the golden nectar.

Now to get back to this being a Lowland Malt, the question is if the water source is from a Highland river or loch can the Whisky then be genuinely called a Lowland, anyone got any thoughts on this.

Lets finish of on a laugh, or is it true. Whilst we were all discussing the pro’s and the con’s of having Whisky maturing in certain types of barrel’s i.e. bourbon, sherry, wine or port and the like, Alistair came up with a new one for the Whisky Boys.

Apparently somewhere in Scandinavia there is a lad who is maturing his Whisky in ” pickled herring casks” and the funny thing about it when it is matured and bottled he intends to label it (FISHKY). Is this true or a myth in the making, can anyone out there come forward and put any light on this puzzling idea.

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