A Teachers Gift for Christmas

The Whisky Boys think that this would make someone very happy on Christmas Day by opening their present and to find a very nice blend which contains malts from the Ardmore Distillery, this is one fo the Whisky Boys favourites distilleries, so go and buy your loved one a special gift.


Teacher’s blended Scotch whisky, distributed by Maxxium UK, is launching a special gift carton into the retail sector, a first for the brand since 1988, in the lead up to Christmas.

The Teacher’s 70cl gift carton will be available over the festive period and the move highlights Maxxium’s investment into the brand, which is one of the UK’s top five premium blended whiskies.

This distinctive brand, established in 1830, has one of the highest malt contents of any blend, ensuring a rich and complex flavour of true quality. The ‘fingerprint’ malt in Teacher’s is Highland single malt Ardmore, which imparts a smoky richness. Teacher’s has a long history of quality and innovation and in 1913 was the first drinks brand to introduce the ‘self opening bottle’, known today as the screw cap.teachers-whisky-gift

Peter Sandstrom, Marketing Director, Maxxium UK commented: “Teacher’s is one of the only blends to be in a gift carton this Christmas, which will provide an enhanced on shelf presence, and appeal to consumers looking for a premium and authentic blend this festive season. It is well known for having an exceptionally high malt proportion, guaranteed to be at least 45%, which really delivers a unique and balanced blended whisky with tastes of full rich malts and maturity.”

About this grand dram:

  • William Teacher first began selling blended Scotch whisky in 1830. To ensure authenticity of his whisky he sold it through his infamous Glasgow dram shops. Throughout the decades, Teacher’s has continued to be a popular brand around the world.
  • Teacher’s is a blend of over 35 single malts blended with grain whiskies and has one of the highest malt contents of any blend ensuring a unique, rich and complex flavour of true quality.
  • The brand implements traditional distillation and maturation methods in large and small oak casks, creating a more authentic blend.
  • The ‘fingerprint’ malt in Teacher’s is Ardmore, a lightly peated Highland malt whisky, which imparts a smoky richness to the blend.
  • Teacher’s has a history of consistent quality and innovation. It is a distinctive brand with true heritage.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Rich amber with yellowish highlights

Nose: Deep and robust maltiness with hints of pear and sherry maturity

Palate: Challenging, exciting, round and warming with a silky texture. Tastes of full rich malts and maturity

Finish: Balanced and creamy

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