Highland Park – 16 yr Old Thor Has Been Released

Highland Park – Thor – Whisky of the Gods

A very intriguing parcel arrived for the Whisky Boys this morning, and after a read through and a look at the cryptic clue, we deduced that we had in our hands some fabulously coordinated material from Highland Park (nice work).

This new limited release is available from today (30th Jan) and is retailing from between £115 and £125 – but be quick… only 23,000 bottles have been released.

HP say….

“Thor is the first release in the Highland Park Valhalla Collection and like its namesake, shares many of the legendary Norse god’s larger-than-life characteristics.

The most renowned of all the Norse gods, Thor was the protector of Asgard and was feared by his enemies and other gods alike. His powerful hammer, Mjolnir, which we have depicted on the bottle, was said to create a thunderous and terrifying sound when used in battle; legend has it that Thor’s handiwork can be witnessed first hand on Orkney.

Distilled where sea turns to ocean, Highland Park Thor is a meeting point of nature’s forces, resulting in a perfect marriage of classic fragrant Highland Park smoke, balanced with a beguiling inner complexity and natural strength. Aged for 16 years and bottled at 52.1% abv, Thor is limited to 23,000 bottles worldwide.”
We will be sure to post our tasting notes in the next couple of weeks.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of this new edition.


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