Highland Park Thor | Day 2 & 3

Highland Park ThorFollowing on from my post on Monday regarding the release of Highland Park’s newest release “Thor“.  I have received some more cryptic clues and messages in the post… see below:


“In the beginning was the rain beating its relentless tune into the elemental Scottish isle. The storm that will bring him is coming”


“Hail lashes the mightly Orcadian mountains.  The wind howls its name. The weather darkens.  The elemental spirit is not for the faint hearted”


“Lightening strikes.  He is amongst us. The earth trembles as it yields to his hammer.  Only the brave remain.”


“…….” (will post tomorrow)

The anticipation… the nose and taste from the Highland Park Thor must be pretty substantional / special with its grand name and dark descriptions included in these notes.  However I must confess I am scared to death with these messages…  I certainly hope they are not directed at me personally, and he’s not coming for me… lol

Can’t wait for tomorrows installment, hopefully I’ll still be here…..

If you have already tasted Thor, please comment below your notes and let me know what you thought.


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