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It has been a little while since The Whisky Boys gave out some details of bargains to be had at your local supermarket, but we have not recently been able to keep up with the amount of offers that are on the go at any one time.

Our main supermarkets that The Boys visit on a regular basis are:-supermarket-logos

The Co-op,

We have had many a great bargain in all of these stores but they only seem to be on for a limited time or the deal is so good, the shelves are emptied in a day, so by the time we wrote the blog and published it the deal would be over or the stock sold out.

Some of the great deals on offer over the past month or so are :-

Bell’s 1 Litre £12.00

Ardmore 70cl £18.00

Aberlour 10 Year Old 70cl £16.00

Yamazaki 10 Year Old 70cl £20.00

Jura Superstition 70cl £20.00

Naked Grouse 70cl £23.00

Chivas Regal 12 Year Old 70cl £18.00

Black Bottle 70cl £11.00


These are but a few of the bargains we have come across but we are not sure if we can continue to try and let you all know of our finds, we would hate to put a great deal on our website for you to run out and find that either it is sold out or the offer is finished.

Our only recommendation is that all our readers do regular visits to your supermarket, you will be surprised what deals can be had, and with Christmas (did we mention the Christmas word, and it is still September) looming we should all keep a keen eye on the Whisky bargains that are sure to be coming, good hunting to you all.

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  1. Nicola says:

    I think i bought all the best buys on the list, you can never have enough… and at those prices how could I refuse.


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