My Legacy

As like many fathers I was overwhelmed when I met my darling children for the first time. There is nothing quite like holding your serendipity-whiskybrand new baby and wishing them health, wisdom and happiness and speculating on how they will turn out. As a parent all we can do is try to keep them safe, warm and guide them as best we can.

There are many aspect of my persona that I am sure my kids would rather ignore/avoid, but the problem is genetics. You can nurture all you like, but if it is in the genes, it is in the genes and yes, both my children enjoy a dram. For a long time they were in denial and tried to avoid it, but eventually the Water of Life won through. Obviously my daughter Nicola has slightly more of the dram DNA, I would say her appetite for the Amber Nectar is probably greater than my sons, which the Whisky Boys Website is testiment to.

So as I sit and reflect on family, and consider the legacy I will leave them , I am very proud of their discerning palate which is constantly evolving and their desire to experiment. Albeit I get cheesed off when they want to experiment with my Whisky collection (yes, I remember the night I lost a bottle of Serendipity). So like all caring, loving parents who are so proud of their off spring I say:

Go and drink your own Whisky Collection

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