Q & A – Gordon Bruce, The Distillery Manager at Knockdhu Distillery – Part 7

This is number seven of our Q & A and we have Gordon Bruce the pasionate Distillery Manager of Knockdhu Distillery which is owned by Inver House Distillers.

Gordon has kindly invited the Whisky Boys up to his distillery and this is something that we both hope to do in the very near future.

1. Q. When did you first get involved in the Whisky Industry and why…. maybe it was a calling from the angels, or your family were already involved?

As a mash man at Pulteney (home town) in 1988. Literally knocked on the office door and asked if there were any jobs going, started on shift the following week. After a couple of days thought I’m not going to stick this for long…… My late mother was clerkess in Pulteney before I was born.gordon-bruce

2. Q. If you weren’t in this industry where would you like to be and what would you be doing? Remember you are in the real world you still need to be making an income.

The distillery is like a giant toy box (despite appearances I’m still a big kid at heart) so it would need to be something where I was paid to play (don’t tell my boss I said that!). Throwing cars about for Top Gear or something similarly juvenile.

3. Q. So far what has been your proudest moment in the Whisky Industry?

Survival! No one moment, enjoy meeting folk and spreading the whisky gospel. Really, really chuffed with the new make we made last January, you’ll need to visit the distillery to see why.

4. Q. Do you have a favourite Distillery, which one and why?

The Knock is my baby, not just down to the mechanical bits but more so because of the fantastic group of people that I get to work with. My bosses are under the sad impression that they own the place, we know different….

5. Q. Where is your favourite bar / pub for drinking your favourite Dram, and who would you choose to be with you?

Huntly Castle Hotel with the lads that make the stuff.

6. Q. Has there been a Whisky recently that has surprised the hell out of you?

Don’t really do surprised any more. Home drinks cabinet has a pretty broad selection, a whisky for every occasion/ mood.

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