Whisky Monthly Prize Puzzle – January 2011

Well how did we get on with last months puzzle?  Following the popularity of the Crossword in December, we have decided to make the “Whisky Puzzle” a monthly feature and have even added a prize in for “good measure” – no pun intended.

The puzzle this month is to solve the anagrams, these are either Distilleries – some old, some new, some gone and some foreign or Whisky brands some Scotch some not.

So get those thinking caps on, it is not as easy as you think, most are one word answers but a couple have more than one word to the answer.

This month we are going to put all correct entries into the hat and the first one drawn will receive a bottle of single malt chosen by Jim from the Whisky Boys cabinet.

Please e-mail your answers scott@whiskyboys.com

If anyone out there would like to sponsor February’s Puzzle, please get in touch.

Here are your anagrams :-

1. Bad chic id hurl

2. Red penny

3. No cry lent

4. Pine is to rust

5. Pecan orchid

6. Tsar red leek

7. Tame sag end

8. Dram terse

9. Tidy we lurk

10. A saint ma

11. Im yogi yak

12. No car lowry

13. Rise sloe

14. Athena ball in

15. Your last ale

16. Oh he wet sir

17. Bagel king

18. So file keys

19. So wit some

20. I net china

Well that is 20 anagrams to get your teeth into, take your time the closing date is Friday February 18th. Good luck.

Remember anyone out there who would like to sponsor our monthly puzzle, please get in touch via email at the following addresses:

jim@whiskyboys.com or nicola@whiskyboys.com

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