Islay Mist Range Gets New Packaging

Islay Mist, the award winning Blended Scotch, is introducing new packaging across the range for the second half of 2010.

New labels, giving improved branding and a more upscale feel still maintain the traditional Islay Mist font which harks back to the brand’s birth in the 1920s. New caps have also been introduced on Islay Mist Deluxe and Islay Mist 8 Year Old featuring the signature Seal of Islay, a heraldic device of the Lords of Islay dating back to the 13th century, a symbol long associated with the brand.

Islay Mist 12 Year Old and Islay Mist 17 Year Old as well as incorporating new tapered labels will have a new improved solid, open fronted gift box.

Islay Mist was originally created on the Scottish island of Islay in 1922 to celebrate the 21st birthday party of Lord Margadale. It was thought that the local single malt scotch, Laphroaig, might be too heavy for all the guests’ taste so this unique blend of Laphroaig with Speyside malts and grain whisky was born.islay-mist

What was achieved was a perfect synthesis of the unmistakeable notes of peat, smoke and sea air found in Islay Malts and the smoother, sweeter hints of Speyside malts. The quality of Islay Mist has been recognised by the world’s most famous whisky connoisseurs, and recent accolades include:

“Best Blended Scotch 13 to 20 Years Old” (Islay Mist 17YO) – Whisky Magazine World Whiskies Awards 2008

“Best Blended Scotch 12 Years and Under” (Islay Mist 12YO) – Whisky Magazine World Whiskies Awards 2008

“Recommended” (Islay Mist Deluxe) – Michael Jackson, Whisky Magazine

“Silver Medal” (Islay Mist 17YO) – Scottish Whisky Merchants Challenge

“Great Fun, Worth Buying” (Islay Mist Deluxe) – Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible

“A balls-gripping blend you don’t mess about with…93 points” (Islay Mist 17YO) – Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2007

“90 points” (Islay Mist 12YO) – Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2009

“Silver Medal” (Islay Mist 17YO) – IWSC 2008

“Highly Recommended” (Islay Mist 8YO) – Beverage Testing Institute 2008

Islay Mist is widely available in travel retail and in many whisky specialist shops.  When you pick up a bottle or two, don’t forget to tell them that the Whisky Boys sent you!!

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2 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    I’ve recently sampled the 8 y.o., and was quite impressed with the great value-for-money. The 8 is actually straight-up Laphroaig (unlike the vast majority of blends which have a highly blended malt content) with grain whiskies, resulting in a lighter Laphroaig. It is impressive how much of the Lap is retained and distinct in this. Good quality grains sweeten things a bit, but not to the point of cloying. Some complexity of the Lap is compromised, but this is easily worth the money. Cheers1

  2. John says:

    Actually, I have a bottle on my bar shelf that I peickd up in Chicago last year. It’s very good indeed, though it seems a bit flatter (too much caramel?) than a bottle that my ever-game Father-in-law hand-carried back for me from the UK a few years back. That one was so delicious that we managed to kill a whole bottle during a Cubs/Cards game!There was a change in ownership in between that UK bottle and the commencement of importation into the U.S., so I hope my flat bottle was just a bump in the road. It was still delicious, but not as yummy as the first one I had. Regardless, Black Bottle is a very solid recco for a bargain blend with a terrific amount of character.

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