Kelt Tour Du Monde – Three Month Sea Voyage

I have been given such a delightful 25cl bottle of Whisky with an interesting history from a fellow Whisky lover and colleague Deek Young from Edinburgh, that I must share the details of it with you all.

It is called Kelt Tour Du Monde, bottled by Invergordon, Distillery Limited in Leith, Edinburgh.  This very rare extra old pure Malt Whisky while still in oak barrels made a sea voyage aboard an ever green ship and was then bottled on its return to Scotland.  The reason behind this long distance maturation is printed on the box and goes thus:-

“Century’s ago it was discoved that Cognac, which was sent to the collonies, improved dramatically during the long sea voyage, eventually this was true for other spirits, such as Scotch Whisky sent from Europe and run from the West Indies.

The rolling of the sea the temperature variations, frequent air pressure changes and the sea air itself, round the spirit off in a beautiful way.  In the 20th century came the age of the brands, this meant that spirits were shipped in bottles rather than oak barrels.  The magical effect of the sea was lost as a spirit does not mature once it is bottled.

Kelt has revived this tradition and taken it one step further, we send our already aged spirits, still in oak barrels on a three months sea voyage around the globe. This the KELT TOUR DU MONDE creates a unique spirit and restores an aspect of quality lost for almost a century.

A signed seal on the bottle also states its authebticity from the bottler Norman Mathison, Blender and Director at Invergordon Distillers.

This is such a lovely boxed bottle that I wont let Jim open it, so if anyone has tasted this little gem I would appreciate their opinion, or even better, where can we taste it!!?.


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15 Responses

  1. Steve Green says:

    I’ve also got a bottle which I was given back in the late 1990s, it’s still unopened, I can’t bring myself to open it.!

  2. Judy Dean says:

    We have a bottle of Kelt Tour du Monde whiskey which I brought from Glen Eagles for my husband in 1995—signed and sealed but not now in its original box—we can`decide whether to drink or sell!!

  3. Folks
    I just heard about Kelts TDM today, my brother has a bottle and he doesn’t want to open it either. C’mon get a grip it’s for drinking for goodness sake. Snap the top off it, pour it into a glass and bung it over your neck and stop pussy footing around, you’ll probably love it. Life is for living NOW! Go for it.


  4. Robbie says:


    I was given a bottle of this back in 2007. Didn’t realise it’s value/rarity and opened it. Had a wee nip now and then.
    In 2008 it was pointed out to me the value, but by this time there were only about 2 nips left. This small volume was then saved to toast for the bride & groom at a mates wedding, a huge whisky lover.
    I have to say for those with unpoened bottles, keep them so as the value is rediculous. I had people offering me silly money or trades (gold memberships/rugby exec box seats etc) thinking I had an unopened bottle.
    But, if you do open and taset you will see why. I am not a whisky conesuir so cannot describe in required detail, but it was absolutely sublime. The nicest, smoothest satisfying whisky i have ever tasted. The bride & groom agreed.

  5. duncan latto says:

    i have a bottle of kelt and was wondering how much it is worth it is still in it’s box with the seal intact

  6. archy hislop says:

    i have 2 un-opened and still boxed bottles of kelt tdm, i have also tasted the spirit from a bottle that i gave to a friend for a 40th birthday gift, this dram was very enjoyable and apreciated since the value of my bottle will have risen from thus, the bottles i have have been in my possesion for quite a few years, i also think my father has an un-opened bottle as well,

  7. Steve Dulley says:

    My wife won a bottle of this in a raffle last night. Does anyone know how much its worth?

  8. Jim says:

    Hi Steve, hope this finds you well, back in 2009 we were able to buy a bottle on e-bay for only £8 but it actually comes as a pair , a bottle of whisky and a bottle of brandy, we have yet to see the bottle of brandy. but again the more bottles that are opened the remaining ones go up in value. We think that today a sealed and boxed bottle must be worth cllose to £50

    Hope you enjoyed a wee trip through our website.

    Jim and Nicola

  9. raja menon says:

    Hey, a friend of mine brought me a bottle of Kelt. I had no idea about all this history and so opened it without a second thought. It is one of the most exciting smooth satisfying tastes I’ve encountered in a long long time. Don’t keep the bottle unopened, that is a travesty. This whiskey is meant to be enjoyed and enjoy it you will. I envy the bunch of you who have unopened bottles. Since I live in Mumbai, India, I don’t think I’m going to be able to find myself another bottle soon.

    Maybe a trip to Scotland should be on my calendar soon.

    cheers, salud,

  10. Joe says:

    I have a bottle of Kelt Tour Du Monde XO from the inaugural year 1990. I am looking for a value as well as how many bottle were produced.

  11. linda schrenk says:

    just got a bottle as a present from a 1995 shipment,left Thamesport,le havre,antwerpen,rotterdam,and many more as described on the bottle, with sealed top, on 4/7/1995 and returned on the 12/9/1995,awesome bottle

  12. Tallyortoby says:

    I bought mine through an auction ( for 21£ and haven’t opened it yet. Says 4/7/95 and returned 12/9/95. Might need to crack it open to see what’s in it.

  13. Mr. G W D McInnes says:

    I just bought a bottle off of a friend for £40 which is dated the same as the rest 4/7/95 until 12/9/95. It came with the box etc. really nice looking bottle.

  14. I’ve poped it open after 10 years from my father’s bar. In fact the cork broke inside. But made a lovely dram. Unlike any usual scotch . Deeper

  15. James Kelt says:

    I have two boxed unopened bottles. I will never open them or part with them simply because my surname is Kelt and they look great on the mantle!!

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