Bowmore Whiskey – Best Buy 27th October 2008

I have found another good buy, Bowmore Whiskey Legend a nice Islay Single Malt.

It was by sheer coincidence that I was once again perusing the shelves of Whisky in Linlithgow’s Sainsbury’s and I found that this store was selling a standard bottle ( 70cl ) of Bowmore Legend Whiskey for only £16.99 I think this is certainly a bargain.

Not only that I feel that this Malt is a good introduction to the Malts of Islay, it is not too peaty and is quite a gentle and smooth malt especially if taken with a little water.

The other thing that made this a bargain is that Sainsbury’s own label Islay Malt was also priced at £16.99 (this is not to say that Sainsbury’s own label is inferior in any way, as in the future Dougie and I will be doing a supermarket own label taste comparison test.

If any of you out there find any big bargains please let the Whisky boys know.

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