anCnoc Whisky – 12 Year Old Highland Single Malt

anCnoc Whisky is a Highland Single Malt (pronounced “a-nock”)

Distilled and matured by the Knockdhu Distillery Company Aberdeenshire.

It is 3.45 pm on Sunday the 26th of October 2008  (the clocks went back an hour last night and the Whisky Boys enjoyed the extra hour in bed) . We with all the respect that a bottle of good Malt is due,  opened our bottle for tasting.

As we both take a little water in or Whisky the colour changed from a golden honey to pale straw.  We took our respective glasses in hand, half filled with our mixture of malt and H2O, we agreed that the initial and most powerful nose was a sweet maltiness (but in the background “puff candy” ?).

Then it came to our most favourite part “the tasting”. This was glorious! a full frontal attack on our taste buds.

We had a sweet spiciness, rather full bodied with a hint of peat.  The finish is long and smooth with a sweet smokiness, I said to Dougie that on the finish you just had to lick you lips,  what a delightful Malt and as yet I do not have one in my cabinet, but it is surely going to be rectified.

For the records Dougie purchased this bottle at Edinburgh International Airport on Monday 20th October the lovely Tricia once again did a sterling job on behalf of BAA duty free and enticed me into her domain at World of Whiskies by dangling a sample of a new Talisker 57 (called this for its 57 % abv) which was a knockout Skye dram which will be reviewed at a later date.

After softening me up  with the T57 she then drew my attention to the Knockdhu distilleries anCnoc Malt, enthusing to me of its malt and spiciness, being sold by Tricia for only £17.99 for a standard 70cl bottle.

We highly recommend that you all try this fabulous Malt, please tell us about you tasting of this and any other delicious Scotch.

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3 Responses

  1. EricH says:

    Just wanted to mention that Knockdhu (anCnoc) is a Speyside distillery despite saying Highland on the label.

  2. Nicola Young says:

    Hi Eric, anCnoc is right on the border of the two regions and is classified as a Highland Distillery. Thanks

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