The E & K (Indian Scotch Fusion) | 5 Year Old

The E & K (Indian Scotch Fusion)  |  5 Year Old 70cl / 57.8% | Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

The E&K blended malt is a tribute to Victor Alexander Bruce, the 9th Earl of Elgin who became Viceroy of India in 1894. It was made in conjunction with independent bottlers Adelphi, whose Alex Bruce is the great-grandson of Victor Bruce.

This limited-edition whisky is a fusion of Scotch from Ardmore and Glenrothes, as well as malt from India's Amrut distillery. It has notes of tropical fruits, scented sandalwood, dark fruit, sweet smoke and Highland toffee, with a lingering and enjoyably complex finish.


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Released On
27th March 2018

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