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anCnoc Batch 2 Peatheart

Just in at Whisky Boys HQ is a sample of a new anCnoc expression, Peatheart. This small distillery was established in 1894 and through the years its production methods have hardly...

Brave Staves 1

Brave Staves – Scotch Whisky Gifts

Recently launched in the last few months we have Brave Staves. The idea came from a 14 year old school girl, Carla Young (my granddaughter).  It all came about when Carla’s...

Malt Whisky YearBook 2021 1

Malt Whisky YearBook 2021

Malt Whisky Yearbook 2021 Now available for pre-order for only £14.95 plus shipping. Order now at www.maltwhiskyyearbook.com  Shipping will start on the 1st October. First published in the Autumn of 2005...