NC’NEAN – Huntress 2024 Orchard Cobbler (Limited Edition)

About Nc Nean

Nc’nean Distillery, located on the west coast of Scotland, is a pioneering organic whisky distillery known for its commitment to sustainability and innovation. Founded in 2013 by Annabel Thomas, Nc’nean focuses on creating spirits with a minimal environmental footprint, utilising organic barley and renewable energy sources. The distillery’s name, derived from Neachneohain, the ancient Gaelic goddess of nature, reflects its dedication to natural processes and environmental stewardship. Nc’nean’s whiskies, characterised by their light and fruity profiles, are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, employing traditional methods alongside modern techniques to ensure quality and sustainability. Through its innovative practices, Nc’nean has established itself as a trailblazer in the whisky industry, promoting eco-friendly production and inspiring a new wave of environmentally conscious distilling.

Huntress 2024 Orchard Cobbler

This is the first seasonal release from the Nc’Nean distillery. The maturation was done with only three types of casks, red wine casks (66%) US whiskey casks (31%) and finally Oloroso casks (3%)

This bottling has been certified organic and is of natural colour and non-chill filtered.

This dram is heavily inspired by the Gaelic goddess Neanchneohain.

It is now time for a taste.

NC”NEAN – Huntress 2024 Orchard Cobbler (Limited Edition), 4 Years Old,  Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 48.5% Alc/vol 70cl.

Colour…Warm rosy amber.

Nose…Soft and ripe berries, these berries have a little spicy kick, caramel wafers crushed over vanilla ice cream.

Taste…Warming and soft, more berries, some mild herbs, trifle pudding with custard and red jelly strawberry cubes, add just a teardrop of water and it becomes very smooth.

Finish…Everything comes together, the fruits, the light spice, mild herbs, and vanilla, this is certainly a very enjoyable dram.

This limited edition bottle comes in with a RRP of £79.95 and only 6153 bottles will be released.

Please if you get a chance visit NC’NEAN website for their story, and a quick look around their shop. Please note visits to the distillery and the shop are by appointment only.

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