Samuel Gelston’s Blended Irish Whiskey

Recently a sample of Samuel Gelston’s Blended Irish Whiskey arrived unannounced at Whisky Boys HQ. This is an Irish Whiskey I have not heard of before. 

Gelston’s Old Irish Whiskey was founded in 1830 by Samuel Gelston, a prosperous wine and Whiskey merchant from Belfast.

Since 1830 we have been ageing, blending and bottling Irish Whiskeys of the highest quality and innovating with exceptional cask finishes.

Samuel Gelston’s Blended Irish Whiskey is made from a blend of locally sourced Irish malted barley and grain that is triple distilled for smoothness then matured in the finest quality ex-bourbon oak casks.

Let’s have a dram.

Samuel Gelston’s Blended Irish Whiskey – 40% Alc/vol 70 cl

ColourLemony gold

Nose…A calm nose with plenty of sweet notes, mild spices, a jar of set honey just opened.

Taste…Soft and elegant on the palate, good spices from the oak cask, it does enjoy a splash of water to really bring out some complex flavours, the water just makes this dram a very easy sipper.

Finish…A long finish and is asking to pour another.

Very nice Irish dram and with the price being as little as £20.00 this is a no brainer to add to your drinking cupboard. I think that friends and family will thank you for letting them taste this wee gem.

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