The Lakes – The One, Moscatel Cask Finished Blended Whisky

The One Moscatel was blended by Dhavall Gandhi, The Lakes Distillery Whisky maker, using Scotch grain and malt Whiskies from the Highlands, Speyside and Islay.

Gandhi said: “Using an identical recipe for each expression enables us to showcase the impact oak and cask seasoning has on the whisky’s flavour. The floral characteristics of Moscatel, in combination with American oak, have transformed the blend into a fresh and uplifting whisky, which is easy to drink on its own but versatile enough to enjoy in a refreshing Highball or cocktail.”

The Lakes Distillery sits on the banks of the River Derwent and built within a 160 year old farmstead. Surrounded by the beauty that is the Lakes District.

Both Nicola and I have visited many distilleries in Scotland and quite a few in Ireland including, Bushmills, Midleton Tullamore, Kilbeggan and Echlinville. As yet, we have not visited any English Distilleries. When this lockdown is fully over we shall take a wee trip to the Lake District and certainly call in to The Lakes Distillery.

Let’s now have a wee taste

The Lakes – The One Moscatel Cask Finished Blend, 46.6% Alc/vol 70cl 

Colour…Freshly varnished pine

NoseThe aroma of just walking past a florist, clean and rich with loads of honey, vanilla, in the background is the slightest hint of sweet smoke.

TasteVanilla greek yoghurt. Soft oak spices, fruit cocktail with double cream, icing off of a carrot cake, still in the background is the hint of sweet smoke.

FinishSweet and medium in length of finish, creamy mouth feel, and the smoke still lingers.

A very nice dram indeed and having a RRP of only £43.95. Ideal served neat or with a teardrop of water, and on a long summer evening have it with ice and a mixer.

Now looking forward to visiting The Lakes Distillery. 

The Lakes Distillery not only has at least 6 Whisky expressions plus limited edition bottlings, they also have 4 different styles of Gin and 2 of Vodka. I suggest you visit to check out their full range.

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