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Recently launched in the last few months we have Brave Staves. The idea came from a 14 year old school girl, Carla Young (my granddaughter). 

It all came about when Carla’s mum and dad got a new log burning stove installed. They searched the web for buying bulk logs. On their search they came across a site that was selling Whisky Firewood for burning in your log burner or chiminea. When the sack of retired staves arrived, Carla had a close look at the contents and came up with the idea that she could turn them into Whisky related gifts. The wee company Brave Staves was born. 

With the help of Carla’s dad they began selecting the best of the retired Whisky staves and started turning them into Whisky gifts.

The first gift was a two or three dram Whisky flight stave which can come with a tartan insert, company logo or indeed left plain. Brave Staves are about to launch their new personalised Whisky flight stave which can include a private message, name or photo. These Whisky flight staves can also be purchased with or without genuine Glencairn glasses.

All the work to make these fine gifts is all handmade by Carla and her dad. All staves are finished with a high quality teak oil which brings out the wood grain.

They are always creating new products which include, key hook holder, wall mounted bottle opener, hat or dog leash hooks, coat hooks and so much more.

It may be a bit early but Christmas is not too far away and as these products are selling really fast it may be a good time to put your order in now.

All staves can be naked or include tartan inserts, Whisky tasting glasses, tea lights, or wax filled tasting glasses, the choice is yours.

Please be assured that these products are handmade in Scotland and finished to a high standard so that you will not be disappointed by the quality.

To finish the Whisky Boys at their HQ have a few of the Brave Staves products that we intend to use when times are so much better and we can commence our Whisky tastings in our cabin with some of the products from Braves Staves.

Check out Carla’s online store by clicking the Brave Staves link.

Happy shopping everyone.

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