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Well hello folks. We thought it was time to review the Whisky Boys introduction. If you are new to this site, firstly we don’t sell Whisky. We were initially just two ordinary guys who have a passion for all things Whisky. Late last Autumn Jim and Dougie while chatting to Nicola thought on the idea of a website and so the Whisky Boys were born. The value of this site is that it offers an independent, unbiased objective view on all things Whisky. You may not agree with the tasting notes, but then no two people have the same palate or preferences. Jim, Dougie and Nicola’s opinions, together with guest tasters are all personal and individual, and none of them have ever been linked to any publication or Whisky producer. In essence it is just their views and reviews.

Like all websites, this one is still evolving and is has been a real pleasure to see that not only the Whisky industry is checking out the site, and leaving comments, but that the public are also engaging with their own views and thoughts on various topics. It is reassuring when we receive feedback, particularly when it is in agreement with our findings, but we look forward to hearing more from you, whether in agreement or not, we would like you to make suggestions for tasting’s, distillery visits, recipes and all things Whisky.

===S T O P P R E S S===

Just to let you know the Whisky Boys are no longer a band of three. Philip & Lorraine Giles (Philip, a regular guest taster from Ireland) who owns several horses has just had a new born colt. In honour of the Whisky Boys this horse called ‘Millers Celtic Lad’ has been given the stable name WHISKY BOY. The colt is a Connemara cross and is only a few weeks old.

The Whisky Boys now have to visit their new lad and toast it’s health, in guess what? Whisky of course (think the colt may keep to the oats).

Going back to our original thoughts, for example, Jim, Jacqueline, Lorraine and Philip recently visited the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh. A first for Jim and Jacqueline. We all spent 8 hours, non stop walking, and could have spent longer. There was a wide variety of stalls, food halls, craft fair areas, cattle showing, horse events, sheep shearing, lumber jack races etc etc etc. Jim was very very surprised that the Whisky industry was so poorly represented. In the very large food and drink hall, there was only one Distillery represented which was The Glen Garioch Distillery from Inverurie, plus Gordon MacPhail (independent bottlers) from Elgin www.gordonandmacphail.com and the independent bottler from the Scottish Liqueur Centre in Perthshire promoting their Malt Whisky Liqueur Bruadar. Glen Garioch was busy with many many people attending their stall. Gordon MacPhail, by far had the largest Whisky stall at the exhibition and gave a section of the display area over to Amrut Distilleries Ltd promoting Indian Single Malt Whisky. The staff at the Gordon MacPhail stall were exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable and offered a taste of many of their bottlings. The chap from Amrut, was also very enthusiastic and helpful allowing us to taste a couple of their Peated Malts which Jim was very surprised with, and on that basis he purchased a bottle of Amrut, Peated Indian Single Malt Whisky Aged in Oak Barrels 46% Alc/vol and this is one for a future Whisky Boys tasting – so keep watching.

Our last stall was to purchase a bottle of Bruadar Malt Whisky Liqueur. This is a liqueur laced with honey, but not like Drambuie. The only three Whisky stalls in evidence were all busy with crowds of national and international visitors, and the Whisky Boys are of the opinion if this Industry wants to promote and raise the profile of this excellent produce the need to be a little more proactive and visible, especially at these large international events. We had honey, shortbread, oatcakes, tartan, cheese, venison and heighlin coos (the list goes on and on) and all things Scottish, but one of our best known and dearly loved products was poorly represented. Come on Guys get your bottles out and show your products. Do your produce and Scotland proud. So to commemorate our first visit to the Royal Highland show (yes, we did see the Queen) we are having Venison & Whisky sausages from Fletchers of Auchtemuchty www.seriouslygoodvenison.co.uk together with Ayrshire potatoes – here’s to another Scottish night (cannot sing the praises enough of local produce).

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