Fettercairn 22 Year Old – A New Addition

Here at Whisky Boys HQ I received a new addition to the Fettercairn whisky range. The range is :-

12 Year Old
16 Year Old
28 Year Old
40 Year Old
50 Year Old

This new addition is the Fettercairn 22 Year Old Whisky, fully matured in American ex-bourbon casks.

The founder of Fettercairn was Sir Alexander Ramsay a Scottish landowner and in 1824 he was one of the first to apply for a license, and the distillery was opened.

Fettercairn Whisky Stills

When Ramsay, a canny Scotsman started to distil spirit he employed several illegal whisky makers to be his first stillmen. Since then Fettercairn have done things ever so slightly different.

In the mid 1950’s they introduced the ‘cooling ring’. They found that letting crystal-clear mountain water run down the outside of the still cooled the copper, increasing the condensation inside the still. This solution remains unique in Whisky distillation to this day.

This grand distillery sits at the foothills of the Cairngorms and uses mountain water as one of it’s ingredients.

I cannot wait any longer, let’s have a taste.

Fettercairn 22 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Fettercairn 22 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 47% Alc/vol 70cl

ColourPolished brass trombone

Nose…Pear and honey tart, vanilla yoghurt, marshmallows and some toffee popcorn.
Taste…Beautifully sweet, a citrus burst, cherry and almonds, Madagascar vanilla pods, Battenberg cake covered in butterscotch and coffee cream on baked apples.
Finish…Long and delightful, dried coconut, walnut whips, a very mild dry spicy finish, a real winner.

This is a fabulous single malt, full of flavour and character, priced at only £200.00, it is in a price range that is within most Whisky lovers price range. The bottle that the Whisky Boys have will be used in an up and coming exclusive tastings which will also include some very rare drams.

A huge pat on the back for all at Fettercairn for this triumphant dram. Sometime in September together with Jacqueline I am planning a wee trip up the east coast and on my list will be a visit to Fettercairn Distillery, see you all soon.

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