Coming Soon – The Whisky Boys Tasting Panel

Starting in February we will be having monthly Tasting Panels, normally either Nicola or I would do tasting reviews of new Whiskies or samples sent to Whisky Boys HQ and publish on our website.

The new monthly Whisky Boys Tasting Panel will be chaired by Nicola or I or on occasion both of us, but , the difference now is that we will be inviting family members, friends and neighbours to join the Panel.

The idea is to bring the Tasting Panel up to a maximum of four tasters for each tasting.

The monthly tasting sessions will be held in our famous Whisky Cabin.

Our tasting sessions will include a maximum of five samples/bottles and all present will be able to review and give tasting notes which will be published on our website.

Some early ideas are:-

To do a supermarket own brand challenge.  For example select own brand Islay Single Malts from:

Hopefully we can choose an outright winner based on Nose, Flavour and Finish.

Any samples we receive or Distillery bottling’s we purchase when visiting Distilleries we will keep aside for our next Tasting Panel.

Nicola and I on occasion will also delve into our own stock to maybe bring out something quite different.

The Whisky Boys may also do a tasting that will include maybe one or two samples/bottles that the tasters will have to taste blind.

This, I hope will be a grand challenge for not only The Whisky Boys but for our tasting guests as well.

Roll on February 2020.

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