SMWS Twitter Whisky Tasting

It’s Thursday 4th October 2012, and we are settling down in front of the PC to start the SMWS live Twitter Tasting.

We have four fine drams to to taste tonight, so with the clock striking 7pm, Steve Rush @ The Whisky Wire gives us to the nod to start our Twitter Tasting.  Below is our tweets as they appeared on Twitter.

Tasting #1 – Marshmallows and Chocolate Eclairs – SMWS 48.33

Nose…..Rich fondant icing, malted biscuits, sweet summer fruits
Taste….Terry’s chocolate orange, heat from a scotch bonnet pepper, citrus peel, american pancake syrup, dried mango fruits
Finish…Water calms the chilli heat but opens up to become a sweet and elegant dram, a great 1st dram of the evening

Tasting #2 – The Artist, the Brewer and the Baker – SMWS 44.52

Nose…..A little solventy, oak flooring, soft chewy dried fruits
Taste….Very drying, a short lived hit of pepper, dried mandarins, slight saltiness on the lips
Finish…With water oily salted peanuts


Tasting #3 – Bye, bye Miss American Rye – SMWS G5.6

Nose…..Rum & raisin chocolate, a worn out vicks inhaler, Jack Sparrow’s rum tankard, hint of vanilla
Taste….Sweet & woody, almost hidden by the 65.3% voltage
Finish…With water an ideal 4th of July dram


Tasting #4 – Surf and Turf BBQ – SMWS 3.194

Nose…..Pork srcatchings, sun melted tar on leather shoes, seaweed drying on a lobster pot, smokey chimneys
Taste….John Wayne’s chewing tobacco, beach BBQ with only the finest seafood on the menu, salty sea spray, mouthful of smoke
Finish…Just a little splash of water to enjoy the long lingering smokey taste of Islay…  talk about saving the best until last, this is by far TheWhiskyBoys favourite dram of the night, closely followed by the SMWS 48.33.

A big thank you to all at SMWS associated with this Twitter Tasting, this was not only enjoyed by the Whisky Boys but quite a few other Whisky enthusiasts too.

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