Rock Hill Farm Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Rock Hill Farm Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon, 50% Alc/vol, 75cl

We are about to open the third bottle in this months Bourbon tasting event.  We are pleased that we able to obtain some drams that a little bit different from the ones you can buy at your local supermarket.

This un-chill filtered Whiskey is the product of the Buffalo Trace Distillery, see our earlier tasting of Buffalo Trace for details.

Buffalo Trace Distillery,rock-hill-farms-single-barrel-bourbon-whiskey-logo
1001 Wilkinson Boulevard,
PO Box 619


Jim and Nicola are getting into this months specials, Bourbons, and tonight’s is looking like another winner.

The tasting.

Colour…Toffee cream

Jim’s Tasting

Nose…Wood/oak with lots of spices and a wee peppery nip.rock-hill-farms-single-barrel-bourbon-whisky

Taste…Caramel toffee and a bitter sweet dark chocolate, with an almost sherry likeness.

Finish…Medium finish but with a drying nuttiness, a nice warming end.

Score…2.5 Corks

Nicola’s Tasting

Nose…A little bitter nuttiness, not so sweet and sugary.

Taste…More nuts and minty peppermint in this Bourbon, but no sweetness.

Finish…Medium and dry.

Score…2.5 Corks

Overall score…2.5 Corks
Another interesting dram from over the pond, we are now getting a flavor for these Bourbons and we are so looking forward to the next Bourbon.

Although we have enjoyed all of our tastings so far none have really blown us away, but would certainly buy one of these as against the supermarket regulars.

To buy a bottle go online or visit your specialist Whisky shop, and remember tell them the Whisky Boys recommended it.

We have again to give a BIG THANKS to Master of Malt for our Bourbon Month sponsorship.

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  1. Shaun says:

    I have been drinking bourbon (the best thing to come out of the US!) for many years but have only recently tried this, I have sampled all the usuals, started on Jim Beam, moved to Bulleit for some time, then I fancied something more refined so began to work my way through Buffallo Trace, Wild Turkey (stayed a while) then moved up to Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek (one of my favourites to this day), Elijah Craig (surprisingly nice and every bottle is distinctly different!). Then I found, by chance, the offerings of Old Grandad (superb for the price) and Eagle Rare single barrel (magnificent) but it was when I dug deep into my pocket and spent an extra £15 that I found almost perfection – Rock Hills Farm single barrel is a full bodied, oaky, wonderfully smooth Bourbon, have I found perfection? I’m not sure, my voyage is not yet over but it is one of the best I have tried to date and I have been an avid Bourbon drinker for some 12 odd years, perhaps another tasting is in order…

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