The English Whisky Co by The Whisky Wire – Tweet Tasting

A few weeks ago The Whisky Boys were asked to take part in a Tweet tasting.  This invitation was from The Whisky Wire and  The English Whisky Co and following our swift acceptance, 4 sampling bottles of whisky arrived at my office along with details of the format of the evening.

It’s now Wednesday 30th May 2012 I’m poured and ready for the Tweet Tasting.   Whisky Boy Jim is soaking up the atmosphere and drams at the Islay Whisky Festival, to say I’m jealous is a HUGE understatement ;-( so for this tasting I am going solo.

Anyway the homesick tears of Islay have been wiped away and our blind Tweet Tasting begins:

Tasting #1

Nose:  Rose buds, green leaves, wet cotton balls, light floral notes are a tiny hint of green apple skin
Taste:  Almonds, sweet biscuit, milky oats, peppery, drying popcorn, custard creams

Whisky Tasted:  5 year old, bourbon cask, unpeated

Tasting #2

Nose:  Wet barley, malty notes, spirity, new wooden furniture, dry bark, raw green veg
Taste:  Orange rind, lingering puff of smoke, mouth filling and cheek watering sweet sugared dry fruits, apricots & dates

Whisky Tasted:  Vatting of 3 year old bourbon casks with 4 year old peated red burgundy wine casks.

Tasting #3

Nose:  Tyre shop, sea salt, used coal, clean medicine cabinet, new elastoplasts, rich soapy bubbles
Taste:  Sweet, coffee, bitter grapefruit, drying, smoke signals, beach BBQ

Whisky Tasted:  Heavily peated chapter 11.

Tasting #4

Nose:  Big and meaty, roast beef dinner, sulphury, dirty ashtray
Taste:  Creamy, buttery, hot & harsh, burnt out bonfire

Whisky Tasted:  4 1/2 Year Old, heavily peated cask strength & fully matured in sauternes wine cask

What a selection of whiskies from The English Distillery Co – a very enjoyable evening shared with many like minded Twitterererers (how do you say that)

To get the full nights tasting notes simply search on twitter for #EWCTT – easy.


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