Whisky on the Menu – A Falkirk Herald Editorial

A few weeks ago Jim sent an e-mail to the Falkirk Herald, as a reader of this paper for the past 10/12 years, the Whisky Boys wondered if we could write reviews on all things Whisky and have the Falkirk Herald publish them on a regular basis.

Jim got a call from Chris McCall ( one of the Herald’s reporters ) and said he would like to do an article on the Whisky Boys, to this we readily agreed.  Chris called again and got all the background of the Whisky Boys and said he was going to send one of his photographers to take some images for the article.


Again a few days later the photographer arrived and Jim and Nicola had many a photo taken.

So on Thursday 10th March, the Falkirk Herald published our article, and both Jim and Nicola are very pleased indeed with Chris’s writing and the picture he has chosen. 

The Whisky Boys are still hoping that we can have a regular column in the newspaper giving advice and suggestions on all things Whisky.

Thanks again Chris for this well written piece.

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