BenRiach New Expressions – The Solstice and The Horizons

These look like a couple of grand drams, and as you may guess Jim really fancies the Solstice as you know he really enjoys his Peated drams, where as Nicola will plump for the Horizons as she will love this triple distilled Speyside.

These two bottlings are now on The Whisky Boys list for a purchase in the new year followed by a tasting and review.benriach-solstice

Launch Date 21/12/2010

Launched on the shortest day of the year, BenRiach Solstice, with it’s connotations of re-birth and celebration, is a perfect malt for the midwinter, a 15 year-old heavily-peated port while BenRiach Horizons is a 12 year-old triple-distilled malt – a new and original product line which has never been done before by BenRiach.

The bottling strength for both 70cl bottles is 50%. Both are cased in a rigid gift box and a limited quantity is available worldwide.

These are two incredibly exciting new products to be savoured on cold winter nights.

Unusually for a Speyside distillery, we distil Whisky from both styles of malted barley, non-peated and peated, enabling us to capture the defining taste and aroma of peat reek in a few special bottlings.

BenRiach Solstice is one such expression. Distilled from heavily-peated malted barley, the whisky has been matured in ex-bourbon barrels before being finished in Aged Tawny Port pipes sourced from Portugal’s Douro region. The overall maturation period, across both styles of wood, is a minimum of 15 years.benriach-horizons

Horizons, the 12 year-old triple-distilled BenRiach, is one of the most unique whiskies to be released by the distillery. Traditionally, most single malt whiskies are distilled twice, but during the late 1990s BenRiach experimented with some limited production runs of triple-distilled whisky, and we have allowed the whisky to mature for a minimum of 12 years before giving you the opportunity to sample the fruits of our labour.

Triple-distilled means the raw spirit produced comes off the still at a higher alcohol strength, and the whisky is more fruity and floral than a traditional double-distilled BenRiach – quite different in character, and certainly a rarity amongst single malt whiskies.

Originally matured in ex-bourbon barrels, the triple-distilled BenRiach has been allowed to finish in Oloroso Sherry casks, and has derived a number of distinctive flavours and aromas specific to the sherry casks.

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