Malt Whisky – Heathrow Terminal 1

Just the other day at Edinburgh International Airport the lovely Trisha twisted my arm at the Laphroaig display counter offering me a sample of the 10 year old.

Laphroaig is Gaelic for “Beautiful Hollow by the Broad Bay” which describes the location of the distillery on Islay.  Peat rich water from the Kilbride Dam mixed with their own floor maltings fired with peat from their own local peat banks gives this Whisky a singularly distinctive flavour.   Add to this the wood from the casks and the sea air as it matures – no wonder it is said to be Prince Charles’s favourite dram and pretty close to my heart also.

While at Heathrow Terminal 1, I was drawn to the shelves at the World of Whisky.  While looking a their vast range of Malt Whisky and blends, I took note of some extra special deals on 1 litre bottles to see how they compare.

  • Glenmorangie original                                                                                       £27.99
  • Glenmorangie extra matured in sherry cask called Lasanta             £30.99
  • Glenmorangnie extra matured in port cask called Quinta Ruban   £32.99
  • Glenmorangie in a Sauternes cask called Nectar D’or                          £38.99
  • Dalmore  12 year old                                                                                          £31.99
  • Ardbeg  10 year old                                                                                            £29.50
  • Jura Superstition                                                                                                 £28.99
  • Jura 16 year old                                                                                                   £36.99
  • Highland Park  12 year old                                                                              £27.99
  • Highland Park 16 year old                                                                               £36.99
  • Highland Park  18 year old                                                                              £40.99
  • Ardmore                                                                                                                 £27.99

If you buy any two of the above you will receive a discount of £10 on that transaction, making these prices very reasonable.

Do you know of a better deal at the moment on these malts?

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