Bruichladdich Gin ?????

Well it has now been put on sale, Bruichladdich Gin.

The Whisky Boys wish Jim McEwan and Mark Reyneir and all at Bruichladdich every success on this new venture.

This fabulous Whisky distillery (one of The Whisky Boys favourites) has distilled a gin and it is been given the name “The Botathe-botanist-bruichladdich-ginnist”, having a total of 31 botanicals with the majority coming from Islay.

They have approx. 2,500 cases of the Gin and is bottled In Islay at 46% Alc/vol in a 70cl bottle and the price is only £25.95.

We have yet to find a stockist on the mainland, but you should be able to purchase a bottle via Bruichladdich Distilleries website,

Jim is hoping to obtain a bottle in time for Christmas as his wife Jacqueline does enjoy a wee gin or three in the evening.

Well it’s the 15th of December and Jim has just placed an order with Bruichladdich’s online shop, here’s hoping it arrives before Christmas.

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