Whiskey Recipes – Peaty Whisky Creams

Whisky Recipes – Peaty Whisky Creams


Half pint double cream
One ounce castor sugar
Two ounces small macaroon biscuits
Almond essence
Peated Malt Whisky to taste (about a tablespoon) The Whisky Boys choice would be an Ardbeg Whisky – 10 Year Old
One ounce flaked almonds


The cream should be whipped until it is stiff and the sugar added to your own preference. Crush the macaroon biscuits and mix well with the cream. Add a few drops of almond essence and Peated Malt Whisky to taste (make sure you taste – just to be sure). Serve well chilled as a luxury dessert. This is very sweet and rich so serve in small dishes.

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