Whisky Live 2010 or RAF Leuchars Air Show 2010

WOE WOE WOE – As a wife I don’t think I am high maintenance, I don’t think I am a diva and I don’t think is put too many demands on my husband. But I do have a fascination for – wait for it – fighter planes.

My favourite movie is Top Gun and I just delight at the opportunity to watch it again and again (I know sad). As a raf-leucharsconsequence one of the highlights for me is to go along to the RAF Leuchars Air Show in Fife. So Jim and I have a long chat that this year we would definitely go – make up an exceptional picnic, take along our wee folding chairs and sit and get thrilled by these wonderful flying machines.

Whilst talking about this longed for up and coming event there was moment of withheld breath – THEN THE MIST CLEARED – and Jim pointed out that the 11th September is the same date as Whisky Live Glasgow 2010, as previously mentioned in Jim’s Whisky Dates for 2010 post.  I am sure it comes as no surprise who won this competition. The Winner was Whisky and not the Wife.

So sadly, and disappointed as I am I will just watch Top Gun again (Tom Cruise is better company anyway).

Jacqueline a sad Whisky Boy’s Wife.

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