Burn Stewart Distillers – Staff go Back to College

The Whisky Boy’s friends at Burn Stewart who are owners of such great distilleries as Bunnhabhain, Deanston and Tobermory and have some fabulous blends like Black Bottle and Scottish Leader are sending 6/7 workers ranging from engineers to warehousemen back to college.

These members of staff will be embarking on a one year management skills course which will be taking them to level 3 management SVQ.

This training will be conducted by Intec Business Colleges, who do vocational training across a vast range of subjects.

The workers chosen by their managers are not just at the age for college i.e. in there teens or early twenties but those chosen age r from mid 20’s to mid 40’s and this course should help them climb the management ladder to greater things.

So, well done to the management of Burn Stewart to are giving their staff a great opportunity for self development and assist in the continued success of all the products under the Burn Stewart banner.

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