Scotch Whisky Sales are up Worldwide

Scotch Whisky Sales are up Worldwide

These really are dark cloudy days, between news of the economic downturn, the volcanic dust clouds that have grounded flights over Europe causing desperately restricted travel, and that perishable food is rotting in aircraft hangers. It is good to hear some news of a Phoenix rising from the ashes and it is with delight that the Whisky Boys read that Scotch Whisky exports have reached record levels. Hurrah !!!

As we have advocated for a long time – there is no such thing as a bad Whisky, just some are better than others, and we hope that our Website has perhaps encouraged some of you to explore some of the rarer and regional Whiskies.

According to the Scotch Whisky Association, exports last year rose by 3% to £3.13 billion, contributing £99 every second to the UK trade balance (once again that is Scotland for you). Export volumes increased by 4% worldwide, with the equivalent of 1.1 billion 70cl bottles of Whisky shipped. Now that is impressive performance during a recession. The Whisky Boys are well aware of the world wide interest in Whisky as the website is read all over the world, but particularly in America – North and South, and Asia. The Whisky Boys are delighted that the world is starting to wake up to the delights of a good dram and want to do all they can to encourage you on your journey of education in the finer delights of Whisky. Keep up the good work and keep sipping.

These figures are good news to the Whisky Boys as we can now see that more and more of you are enjoying the delights that come from our Scottish Distilleries.

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