Islay Malt Whisky and Music Festival

Islay Malt Whisky and Music Festival (now only 9 sleeps and 6 working days to go)islay-whiskymap1

Nine sleeps and 6 working days until we are off to Islay. The Islay magic has started to work on me already. I was driving to work the other day and had a sense of calm, the thoughts that I would be going to this fresh, clean, honest devine place just fills me with joy. So, as previously said 9 sleeps and 6 working days and I cannot wait.

I thought it would be prudent to remind my “Whisky Boy” Jim, that although we are going to the Malt Whisky and Music Festival and although he has a passion for all things Whisky, and although our good friend Iain Caskie and Nicola (female contingent of the Whisky Boys) will be joining us for a few days to partake of a nip or two and a wee bit of hoolying, that this is also my annual leave week and that I do not want to be the forgotten feature of the break (as I actually am not keen on Whisky unless it is Caol Ila).

So boys and girls I want to walk along the beaches, I want the wind in my hair, I want the smell of the sea, to hear the seagulls squeal and to eat the best seafood in the world. I want to laugh out loud and behave like a child and thoroughly enjoy every simplistic, pure aspect of what makes Islay so perfect for me.caol-ila-whisky

I know that for me the de-stressing aspect begins with loading our car about 6 am in the morning and having a leisurely drive up through the Trossachs and heading to the “Rest and be Thankful”. I know that we will arrive in Lochgilphead about 9.00 ish and then have a hearty breakfast. I know that at that point there is just a casual drive round to Tarbet and then it will be about 11.30 and perhaps have my first chilled glass of white wine of the holiday. From there it is a hop, skip and a jump to the Ferry at Kennacraig. I know all this because I have done it so many times, and I never tire of the ritual, perhaps because I know of the reward at the end of the journey, and with every mile that I drive closer to Islay the more tranquil I become. I truly believe that Islay has some magical mystical power that literally calms the soul.

The Ferry will be fully booked, as this is a particularly popular week, and if it is anything like the last time we travelled to this festival , we may well be entertained by some pipes and fiddles (great).

So as I said folks, 9 sleeps and 6 working days until we are off to Islay – I canny wait.

The soon to be calm Jacqueline.

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