Malt Whisky of the month – December 2008

Bowmore Islay Single Scotch Malt Whisky 12 Year Old.

Islay pronounced “eye-la

This month Jim, Dougie and Nicola have chosen as our December 2008 Malt Whisky of the Month.

The funny thing about this is that if you select any of the range that Bowmore produce then they, at one time or another will be a Malt of the Month. They are all that good.

This fabulous Distillery is on Jims favourite island in the whole world ever, the Hebridean Island of Islay, with your back to the Round Church you head down towards Bowmore Harbour and at the bottom of the High Street you turn left and your there. Wonderfully white and inviting.

This distillery is one of Scotland’s oldest and has stood at the edge of Loch Indaal since about 1779, and hopefully it will remain producing these great drams form many a century to come.

There are fewer and fewer distilleries producing their own floor malted barley which is turned by hand using very unwieldy wooded shovels. of these few Bowmore is one.  (you will see all this as part of a tour around the distillery)

You will get a lot of information on this particular dram from our tasting late last month .

A must is to visit the Bowmore web site as the range of activities on this site is great, from the history of Bowmore to their shop, web cam, news and links, Bowmore legends the Islay story, images, the Bowmore film, holiday cottages and the list goes on and on, smashing site.

There are not many things that go into the making of a great malt, WATER, BARLEY, PEAT, WOOD AND THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE PEOPLE IN A GREAT DISTILLERY.

If you can put all these ingredients together you might make Whisky, but it is how you marry all the ingredients that determines if you have created a great Whisky and I can say with hand on heart that the Bowmore Distillery on Islay have got it just perfect, world class, look forward to seeing you again come the May Malt and Music Festival.

Go and get a head start buy yourself a bottle of Bowmore 12 year old, and on checking my local Morrison’s supermarket in Falkirk they have it on offer for as little as £16.99 the exact same price as the Bowmore Legend single malt, so there is absolutely no excuse for not having this wonderful 12 year old in your cabinet and while you are at it buy a bottle of the Legend as well ,it too is great.

After enjoying your little Islay Bowmore Malt, say to yourself ” how can I beat this” well there is only one way, a large Bowmore 12 year old in one of the distilleries distinctive glasses with a splash of water sitting at the edge of Loch Indaal looking over towards Port Charlotte and watching the sun go down. Tantalising.

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    Thanks for the glowing review guys!

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