Malt Whisky of the month – October 2008

Malt Whisky of the month – October 2008

Isle of Jura – Superstition

This malt whisky is one of my dearest friends, we have known each other for quite some time.

I find this malt to be one of the easiest, smoothest and sweetest of all malts and always has a spot reserved in my Whisky cabinet.

Dougie also has a soft spot for this Malt and is getting concerned as  his wife, the delightful Catherine, sampled this malt he other evening and has suggested she may give up “cooking Whisky” much to Dougies financial detriment.

I on the other hand do not have this problem as Mrs Coleman is a heathen and does not partake of the Golden Nectar – but she would drink a lake of wine.

The Isle of Jura Superstition comes in a sensuous bottle and is also boxed.  This malt from the only Distillary on Jura is produced using a young peated malt and older Jura making a beautiful dram.  Its colour is an intense amber that reminds me of the reddish hue of the wild stags that roam the Paps of Jura with such dignity.

About 15 years ago, Mrs Coleman and I visited the Distillery on Jura with a view to buying a bottle of the fine malt direct from the Distillery, only to be told they had run out of bottles and we would need to go to the local Co-op if we wanted one.

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