Glenmorangie The Tayne

Glenmorangie The Tayne 100cl / 43% | Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

In 1583 a Spanish Armada was rounding Scotland as it fled from the English Navy. Legend has it that one of the boats in the fleet was sunk in the Tayne Firth near the distillery (now The Dornoch Firth) and that many of its survivors settled in Scotland. This whisky pays homage to those men and their stricken vessel, by putting a Spanish twist on Glenmorangie's classic character.

Finished in, unusually, amontillado sherry casks, Tayne is a fragant whisky with notes including rose petals, roast chestnuts, sweet toffee, Muscovado sugar and tropical fruits.


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Released On
21st February 2018

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