Glenlivet Whisky – The Glenlivet French Oak Finish, Aged 12 Years

Glenlivet Whisky – The Glenlivet French Oak Finish, Aged 12 Years, Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Wednesday 23rd June and this is the third of our tastings with our two guest tasters Phil and Reg, if you check our other two tastings on Bowmore Whisky and Glenturret Whisky, you will get all the background of our guests for tonight.

From our site you will see that we are not strangers to The Glenlivet, we have tasted and reviewed 5/6 of their expressions and again this is one we are looking forward to sipping.

Glenlivet Distillery,
AB37 9DB

telephone 01340 821720

Owners, Chivas Brothers (Pernod Ricard)

This dram is finished in new Limousin Oak Casks, this is the cask that the French use for the maturation of Cognac, so we have a touch of the Auld Alliance, Scotch and French wood, got to be good.

The tastingglenlivet-12-year-old-french-oak

Colour…Bronzed amber

Jim’s Tasting

Nose…A perfumed sweetness, light on the nose, add a gesture of water and the oak and apples come in.
Taste…Rich, oak wood spice tingling the tongue.
Finish…Medium finish, sweet, crisp and much oak, fine dram.

Score…3 corks

Nicola’s Tasting

Nose…Sweet caramel I think this one is for me, fragrant and spicy.
Taste…As a lover of Glenlivet this does not disappoint, smooth, sweet and very enjoyable.
Finish…Medium finish, smooth and just right.

Score…3.5 corksphilip-giles-and-whiskyboy-dougie-tasting

Dougie’s Tasting

Nose…Sweet dried fruit and honey with a faint hint of caramel.
Taste…Smooth yet rich, old wood and leather, light oak spices very little water required, if any.
Finish…Medium/long dry sweetness, like a French wine finish.

Score…3 corks

Philip’s Tasting

Nose…A very pleasant sweet caramel.
Taste…Slightly disappointed, it is a nice dram but I expected more, a run of the mill malt.
Finish…Medium finish but not exciting.

Score…2.5 corks

Reg’s Tastingreg-aulds-whisky-boy-jim

Nose…Slightly sweet with a little wood.
Taste…Smooth and silky, with some spice .
Finish…Medium finish, but this one is for me , a really grand dram.

Score…4 corks

Overall score…3.5 corks

With the exception of Philip we all thought this was another fabulous dram from the house of Glenlivet, and the Whisky Boys still have a few expressions to get through, well we don’t think we will find that a hardship.

This wee dram is not readily available in you local supermarket, but you can certainly get a bottle from you specialist Whisky shop on indeed on line.

Not everyone will have this expression in their cabinet but we would expect all you Single Malt Whisky lovers out there will have at least one Glenlivet in you collection.

Check out Glenlivet’s website and you will find out lots of information about the distillery and all the bottlings they have on offer, and if you are up in Speyside pop in and say hallo, but remember to tell them the Whisky Boys sent you.

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