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Whisky Live Glasgow 2009 1

Whisky Live Glasgow 2009

Well it is that time again – WHISKY LIVE GLASGOW – we cannot believe it has come around so quickly. The Whisky Boys are planning to have a Whisky Extravaganza day. The attendees at the event will be Jim, Nicola and of course Dougie and their American Ambassador Bruce Paterson from Detroit will be joining them.

Welcome to the Whisky Boys 0

Welcome to the Whisky Boys

Well hello folks. We thought it was time to review the Whisky Boys introduction. If you are new to this site, firstly we don’t sell Whisky. We were initially just two ordinary guys who have a passion for all things Whisky.

Late last Autumn Jim and Dougie while chatting to Nicola thought on the idea of a website and so the Whisky Boys were born.

Whisky Tasting – The Whisky Boys Ten of the Best 0

Whisky Tasting – The Whisky Boys Ten of the Best

Well the New Year is in the distant past and Burns Night a grand memory, so what is on the horizon for the Whisky Boys? Nicola is off to New York...

Welcome to the Whisky Boys 0

Welcome to the Whisky Boys

Firstly let us wish all you Whisky lovers out there a very happy and prosperous New Year (awrabest).
This new year we hope will bring many a new and exciting adventures for the Whisky Boys, let me detail some of the events we have coming up.

As usual we will be having many whisky tasting session both at Jim and Dougies wee hooses and maybe we will introduce an on the road Whisky tasting session or two.

Welcome to Whisky Boys Part Two 0

Welcome to Whisky Boys Part Two

It has been almost 2 months since Jim, Dougie and Nicola set up this fantastic web site, we hope all our readers are enjoying our little exploits and tastings. Tastings are...

Whisky Boys 0

Whisky Boys

Welcome to

As mentioned we are neighbours, and share a real passion for the Amber Nectar of the Scottish sort. We hope that you will enjoy reading our tales, stories and reviews. We would also hope that you would interact with us, telling us of some of your tales and tastings including your favourite drams.