The Whisky Boys Favourites of 2016

So we have now moved into 2017 and we are looking forward to new Whisky events/tastings/trips and all things Whisky.

Let’s not forget about 2016, so we have listed many of our favourites.

Favourite Distillery
Jim’s  –  Glen Scotia.  I just loved the feeling at the distillery, quite relaxed and the shop/tasting area is a delight and my favourite expression is the Double Cask which has a 3/4 month PX finish.

Nicola’s  –  This year it would have to be Springbank, I spent many weekends and in fact the whole summer of 2016 in Campbeltown so I have got to know the distillery and the people there well, I love the intimacy of the small scale and the community spirit that exists at this all manual old fashioned distillery.  Oh and the Whisky is pretty great too!



Favourite Whisky Bar
Jim’s  –  Bon Accord I have visited this bar over the past 6 decades, it was one of the first Real Ale pubs in Glasgow. Now it is not only known for it’s ales but also as a “go to Whisky Bar”. If I had to recommend only one bar for a dram or two, this would be the one.

Nicola’s  – A place to enjoy drams and soak in the atmosphere, this year would need to be the Ardshiel Hotel, I’m always made to feel welcome, there is always plenty of chat and the selection of drams behind the bar is abundant.  This year they introduced whisky flights,  a favorite of mine was the Toon Flight, expressions from the three Campbeltown distilleries served up on a wooden stave for you to savor and compare.



Favourite Restaurant
Jim’s  –  The Artisan, Wishaw. Derek and his wife, Fiona are the main reason to go to this restaurant, the welcome they give you is second to none. The food is great and mainly Scottish. Derek has also one of the largest selection of Whisky that I know of, so spoiled for choice.

Nicola’s  – Not a typical whisky haunt but my fav non the less – The Cotton House.  However since I have started dining there over 10 years ago I have witnessed their whisky shelf expand and expand, they now have a healthy selection of after dinner drams… hopefully the WhiskyBoys have helped to influence this a little.



Favourite Blended Scotch
Jim’s  –  Campbeltown Loch is such an easy sipping blend only requiring a tear drop of water, not easily found in shops but it is available in Campbeltown in bottle sizes 1.5 litre, 70 cl, 35 cl and a mini.  I always have a bottle on hand and always let my friends have a wee taste. If you come across a bottle, please buy it, you will not be disappointed.

Nicola’s  – Cheating a little on this one as my favourite blended scotch this year was a blended malt #cheeky – Johnnie Walker Green, truly yummy and well rounded, I fell for this one early in the year at a tasting we hosted, it was a winner on the night.



Favourite Single Malt Scotch
Jim’s  –  SMWS 10.100 ‘PIRATE SHIPS ARE BURNING’ a 9 year old Bunnahabhain. This was an easy pick for me, not only a fabulous Single Cask, Cask Strength Islay but is evoked everything that is a smoky/peaty dram, a taste of Islay in a glass, a delight.

Nicola’s  – A toughy this year as there has been an abundance of fine Scotch on offer.  So due to my summer in Campbeltown I would have to go with the Kilkerran 12.  Thoroughly enjoyable, well balanced and very drinkable any time of the day.



Favourite Non-Scotch Whisky
Jim’s  –  Redbreast 12 Year Old Cask Strength is the cask strength version of their fine 12 year old. I love the 12 year old, but the cask strength just takes to another dimension, a great dram to sit by the fire and reflect.

Nicola’s  – After many trips to America I have developed a taste for North America’s favourite Rye, Crown Royal.  To be honest always a delicious go to Whisky when in America or Canada. Straight up, on ice or with a dash of ginger ale.  I’m not fussy.



Favourite Whisky Gadget
Jim’s  –  Angels’ Share Whisky Bottle Candles have a very long life, the scent is a delight and fills the room and also the Whisky Boys tasting cabin, but, remember to trim the wick low when relighting

Nicola’s  – For Christmas last year Jimbo gifted me a hip flask with a difference.  Perfect for our now famous train drams, I have a triple hip flask.  Packaged in a lovely brown leather case my triple hip flask leaves me in less of a quandary as to what to put in my flask, I can now have three 😉


These are just a few of our favourites, other highlights of 2016 included many tastings, representing the Scotch Malt Whisky Society for three days at the Wigtown International Book Festival and The Glasgow Whisky Festival. We also loved the Campbeltown Whisky Festival, buying and selling Whiskies via The Scotch Whisky Auctions. We have also gathered a few special Whiskies that we will be bringing out in some of our tastings in 2017.

So we look forward to all things Whisky in 2017, tasting some fine drams, meeting old and new friends, distillery visits and special trips to Whisky launches.

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