Whisky Gadgets – Christmas Gift Ideas

If Whisky is your passion, hobby or career you could encounter a fair bit of travelling (tastings, distillery visits, bars, events and the odd festival will get you on the move) and while out and about you’ll need to be prepared to sample, taste and share in a dram.  To help you bring your “A game” every time, I have compiled a list of kick-ass “compact” whisky gadgets that will make your life slightly more awesome.

  1.      Aspinal of London Double Hip Flask – £85

A very common dilemma for me is choosing which Whisky to grace my precious hip flask with, restricted to only 6oz of one dram can cause trouble to the soul, I always like to have a choice.

SOLUTION: The Double Hip Flask, I will never again ponder over the dram of the day, now I can enjoy a double whammy of Whiskies by filling both sides of this ingenious croc calf hip flask.




  1.      The Glencairn Official Cut Crystal Whisky Glass – Set of 2 (Travel Case) – £70

I’m not fanatical about carrying glassware in my travel bag or case, it’s just not safe, the label “fragile glass handle with care” just doesn’t cut it.  But what’s the alternative, a plastic cup… ew!

SOLUTION: The Whisky drinker’s favourite glassware is now safely portable, the cut crystal Glencairn Whisky glass is now available in its very own travelling tube, and there’s room in the tube for two, perfect for sharing.




  1.      Pocket Dropper with Harris Tweed Case – £45

So, I’m out and about with my travelling hip flask of Whiskies, got my glass… but wait water, how can I maintain an experienced skilful persona if I need to steadily dribble water into my crystal glass from a plastic bottle, which never delivers the right amount.  

SOLUTION: The Angels Share Glass pocket dropper in a handy Harris Tweed case, eloquently done, I can now add the right amount of water every time in style.




  1.      Cigar Holder & Whisky Flask – £22.55

Out of an evening and I know there will be an opportunity to enjoy one or two tasty cigars after dinner, but I want to ensure safe transport.

SOLUTION: This handy personalised stainless steel whisky hip flask cigar holder will secure safe travels for my one dram of choice and a couple of cigars.  The perfect after dinner companion.




  1.      The Whisky Affair by Michael J Gill – £9.99

When I am travelling or maybe just out of town for a day or two I know there could be a few quiet hours here and there, or when I need a little me time.

SOLUTION: Whether I’m on a train or plane I love to reach for a good read.  What better to accompany my hip flask selection than a spy novel set in a Distillery in Scotland, enjoy and relax!



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