The Scotch Malt Whisky Society – February Outturn, Tastings and Reviews. (Part One)

Hopefully many members have ordered their bottles and some may already have had a delivery of their bottles from the SMWS Outturn February 2021.

I have 4 bottlings that I am going to review and taste. On this occasion I will be tasting my first 2.

First up is:

1.237 – Suave And Plush
60.7%  Alc/vol ~ 1st Fill Ex-Oloroso Hogshead ~ 7year Old ~ Speyside
Priced at only £55.00

This is a bottling coming from the first distillery that was bottled by The Society, it all started with this distillery which is still in the same families hands since 1865.

Let’s open the bottle and enjoy a wee taste.

Colour…Copper fox tail.

Nose…It has a deep dried fruit depth, syrupy dates,  steaming clootie dumpling, a joy.
Taste…Rich and elegant for one so young, plump sultanas, a chewy texture with plums, apple and blackcurrant crumble, some burnt orange with salty caramel sauce.
Finish…Nice and long finish, dark cherries dipped in high octane dark chocolate, 

This is a slow sipping dram for sitting in front of your open fire. For a 7 year old this young dram is quite grown up.

Up next:

93.152 – Candyfloss On A Ferris Wheel
59.1% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 8yo ~ Campbeltown
Priced at £58.00

This is from one of only three distilleries in this region and has several wonderful expressions in their portfolio.

Let’s dive in.

Colour…Sunflower oil.

Nose…Vanilla and woody spicy aromas, a bacon sandwich perched on a barrel stave.
Taste…Creamy chocolate, melted salted butter on Belgian waffles, with just half a teardrop of water added banana chips, orange oil and buttery popcorn.
Finish…Medium to long finish, salted cashews, bran cereal, 

This one is a belter, it is also one of those scary drams so easy to sip with or without water. This one could sneak up on you if you’re not careful.

Up next will be :-

4.266 The Dark Lord Of Stromness
58.1% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 20yo ~ Highland

53.360 Blade Scunner
59.8% ~ Re-Fill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 9yo ~ Islay

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