Glen Moray – Madeira Cask Project

Earlier this month Glen Moray launched the latest edition to its Curiosity Range of experimental limited editions.

Glen Moray Distillery

This new edition is a Single Malt Scotch Whisky that has been fully matured in sweet Madeira hogsheads for 13 years and 10 months. Only seven casks were filled in 2006 and then went to sleep in warehouse no. 1.

The new Head of Whisky Creation, Dr Kirstie McCallum who was sampling many casks, but on sampling these Madeira hogsheads, she had found a hidden treasure.

The full outturn of 1468 bottles have been released only to the UK market.

Dr Kirstie McCallum commented: ‘Single malt whisky matured in Madeira casks has been prized in the industry before, but typically the casks have only been used to ‘finish’ more conventionally matured whisky.

“That’s what makes this new expression so very special. Our new make spirit has been slowly mingling with the luxuriously sweet flavours of Madeira for nearly 14 years, giving a depth of flavour and an intense character that couldn’t otherwise be created.

“It’s a delicious dram, a dessert in a glass, and we are very much looking forward to sharing it with whisky drinkers in the UK.”

Lets enjoy a wee taste

Glen Moray Madeira Cask Project – Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 46.3% Alc/vol 70 cl

Colour…Polished brass trombone

Glen Moray Madeira Cask Project

Nose…Rich and luxurious, loads of fruits, pears, red berries, spices from far off lands, pumpernickel bread, Russian caramels, and a wee touch of honey.
Taste…More fruit, the toffee is leading the way closely followed by some dark chocolate, a mist of white pepper,  newly shaved oak, a little citrus burst.
Finish…Long and sweet, spices linger with all the fruit, whole nut chocolate coats the mouth.

Yet again we have another triumph from Glen Moray, well done to Kirstie and her team up at one of The Whisky boys favourite distilleries. This Madeira Cask expression retails at £61.95 and worth every penny. On all of our visits to Speyside  we have always made time to visit Glen Moray and usually buy a fill your own bottle.

After lockdown is eased a trip to Speyside is high on The Whisky Boys list.

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