Kingsbarns – From Dream to Dram

Last month, 24th of January to be exact was the launch of Kingsbarns flagship expression: ‘Kingsbarns – Dream to Dram’

Our day started at around 1 pm with a light lunch followed by a tour of this new distillery. This distillery is unlike most distilleries as the whole operation is in the one space, the mill, the mashtun, the 4 washbacks and the 2 stills (wash still 7500 litres, spirit still 4500 litres) the distillery has a capacity of 34 barrels per week and can produce 200,000 litres of alcohol per year.

I was delighted to be one of the few to be invited for this grand launch day, together with other Whisky writers and bloggers we got the chance to be one of the first to taste this new dram.

Throughout the tour we were guided by the Kingsbarns distiller, Peter Holroyd and on hand we had owners William and Isabella Wemyss to answer any and all questions.

After the tour we all adjourned the distilleries delightful tasting room for a taste and discussion of the new dram.
So, From Dream to Dram is from 1st fill bourbon barrels (sourced exclusively from Heaven Hill, Kentucky by Isabella) bottled at 46% and non-chill filtered and is approximately three and half years old. Priced at a reasonable £44.95 for a 70 cl bottle.

My tasting notes are on the nose sweet, fruity, young with a touch of light wood. The palate revealed some more wood, peppermint and cranachan, add a tear drop of water and it now becomes a touch spicy (chilli) and the wood and fruit is more pronounced. The finish is quite long sweet, fruity and little drying.

From 4 pm till 8 pm many other guest arrived for the main launch party. This was a huge success with the owners and the distiller mingling with all the guests who were enjoying excellent food and some champagne and a choice of whiskies. (orange juice for the drivers) Access to most areas were available including a look at their Darnley’s Gin still.

I highly recommend that Kingsbarns is added to your list of must visit distileries. The tours are great but they also have a grand visitor centre with a delightful cafe and a well stocked shop, which also includes a range of the Wemyss Malts.

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