Glen Scotia Single Malt Whisky – #TT

CIryvQ3WgAETiauMonday night was chosen as the day the brand new range of Glen Scotia would fill the Twitter Waves… Roughly 30 Whisky twitter(ers)  were delivered 4 samples from the new range and agreed to be online at 7pm on 29th June to discuss, nose and taste:

  • Double Wood
  • 15 year old
  • Victoriana
  • Single Cask

At 7pm prompt I opened the Double Wood and poured it into my Glencairn ready for the comparisons, similarities and discussions to begin.  Below are my tasting notes from the evening.

Double Cask nose: apricot jam, knickerbocker glory, tinned fruit (& the tin), vanilla & dried oak shavings #glenscotia
Double Cask Nose: changing very little in time, soft brown sugary notes, touch of metallic covered in sugar syrup, barley sugars #glenscotia
Double Cask Nose: hidden but showing now I can detect a cold coffee note #glenscotia
Double Cask Taste: and there is the salty sweet smoke – like a dark smoky coffee essence ladened with brown suger & aniseed #glenscotia
Double Cask Taste: chocolate malt in the finish, leaves a salt and sweet coating #glenscotia
15yo Nose: dry hessian, stamp gum, touch of brasso on a rag, I’m searching for fruit, dried vanilla pod, dry fruit & fibre #glenscotia
15yo Nose: on the nose it’s a tough find – need to work hard to get the aromas bouncing out the glass – it’s a shy one 😉 #glenscotia
15yo Nose: I must confess I am not detecting the meaty notes #glenscotia
15yo Taste: salted stewed black lady grey tea, rich tea biscuits, lots of heat but not much oomph on the taste buds oh no!! #glenscotia
15yo Taste: I DON’T NOT like it – I was just looking for more on the palate – the double cask set the stage #glenscotia
Victoriana Nose: slipper sole, plums, prunes, rice pudding & jam, damp dark forest wood, old cosmetic bag, dusty but fragrant #glenscotia
Victoriana Nose: changing now to cherry skins, overripe red fruits, blackcurrent jam tart dusted w/salt (pastry slightly burnt) #glenscotia
Victoriana Taste: menthol and salty (no smoke), refreshing & sweet synthetic fruits, steamed pudding, liquorice in the finish #glenscotia
Victoriana Taste: fruity tabacco, earthy, salted almonds, maybe even a little fresh ginger or cloves – this is robust & vibrant, #glenscotia
Single Cask Nose: salad oil, pine nuts, cigar cellophane, salty croissant, soapy fragrance, apple yoghurt, so much going on!! #glenscotia
Single Cask Nose:  white tictacs, the ones with the vanilla coating 😉 #glenscotia
Single Cask Taste: raosted cloves in ham, stewed apples n pears, shell of a cadbury’s mini egg, white wood shavings  #glenscotia
Single Cask Taste: the smoke has a real heat to it, burning up the initial fruit and sweet notes on the finish, yummy!!  #glenscotia
#glenscotia all great examples of Glen Scotia however the Double Wood & the Single Cask were the stand outs for different reasons…
#glenscotia – begin evening the Double Wood has a great sweet & fruit balance – the Single Cask has the power & complexity to finish the day
great #TT with @TheWhiskyWire & #glenscotia – awesome new range – gonna miss the pink, green & purple cows though… 😉
what’s not to love – at least I always knew “at a glance” if the bar was stocking #glenscotia – can’t be a bad thing


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