Scallywag Cask Strength Limited Edition Vatted Malt

Earlier this month the guys at Douglas Laing launched a cask strength limited edition of their Scallywag, weighing in at 53.6% vol.

Building on their range, formed under a regionality umbrella, the brand are expanding these editions at a very healthy rate indeed. Douglas Laing released the original Scallywag scallywag (using only malts from the Scotch Whisky region of Speyside) in November 2013 with success, so naturally next would be the more robust “big dog”, Scallywag Cask Strength.

Fred Laing (managing Director at Douglas Laing) says “This Strength Scallywag bottling makes the wee dog’s eyes pop, his ears blow open and his monocle ping – but it will make your palate sing. The mellifluously fruity, spicy character and barley, mocha, vanilla and orange-y flavours make it a human treat worth begging for.

Below are our tasting notes…

Nose: Liquorice toffees, rusty mint leaves, vanilla, figs, garibaldi biscuits & clean rubber bands
Taste: Coffee creams, flaming sherry over the cask cake, burnt orange rind and toasted marshmallows
Finish: creamy almost buttery, sherry cream, medium

This dram shines with the additional voltage, and maybe a timid, playful name like Scallywag is a little too scampish for the cask strength version…


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