Glen Moray Port Cask Finish Classic

It is no secret that over the last 4 or 5 years I have pinned my colors to the mast and declared a love for Glen Moray, I truly enjoy the Classic, the Chardonnay Matured all the way to the tremendous examples of single cask Glen Morays the Scotch Malt Whisky Society bottle regularly – Distillery no 35, nod nod….

At a festival last year (Stramash 2013) I was delighted to try out the new Glen Moray Port Cask Finish 25yo – and if I remember correctly it was a perfectly balanced wine influenced, sweet, punchy but undoubtedly Speyside dram…  well off the back of the success of this edition the guys at Glen Moray have decided to produce a more affordable (£25) and more available Port Cask Finish for everyone to get their hands on – Glen Moray Port Cask Finish Classic – Small Batch Release NAS.


Today is the day I decided to get this one onto the tasting table and give it a go, here goes:

Colour: Strawberry Blush

Nose: Oh no… I hate being influenced by the colour, dammit… but I do get soft strawberry water, toasted vanilla pods, lightly singed fluffy marshmallows, Ribena juice and soft baked wood.

Taste: Hit with a blast of cloves and cinnamon spices but this quickly reduces to vanilla caramels with a soft hint of liquorice, still soft feint woody notes lingering. Red fruits bursting to finish.

It’s a pass from me and a yummy high tea dram… maybe one to be enjoyed with my scones – well worth the £25 price tag 😉




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