The Glenrothes Vintages Twitter Tasting


Last night saw 30 Whisky enthusiasts live twitter taste 3 Glenrothes Vintages – 1998, 1995 and 1988, the night was hosted by the Whisky Lounge.

Below are our tasting notes from the event:

The Glenrothes Vintage 1995
NOSE 1995 – lemon drizzle cake, dry sawn wood, savoury, oaky spice, granny smith skins, marzipanny #glenrothesvintages @TheGlenrothes
NOSE 1995 – rattan furniture, touch of lavender talc also #glenrothesvintages @TheGlenrothes
TASTE 1995 – Dundee marmalade jelly, finish is a bitter sweet joy, thick & creamy with a bitter choc mouth feel #glenrothesvintages
TASTE 1995 – white pepper, crystallised ginger, black filter coffee, Russian caramels, thick hard toffees #glenrothesvintages @TheGlenrothes
TASTE 1995 – will absolutely be having another wee sample of that once all finished on TT #glenrothesvintages @TheGlenrothes

The Glenrothes Vintage 1998
NOSE 1998 – crushed nuts and earthy notes, but all the hints are smothered in golden syrup #glenrothesvintages @TheGlenrothes
NOSE 1998 – Sweet sugar syrup, concentrated vanilla, marzipan, sun drenched passion fruits #glenrothesvintages @TheGlenrothes
TASTE 1998 – cinnamon swirls from Costa, hot Danish pastries, mouth feel of powder, set honey on toast #glenrothesvintages @TheGlenrothes
TASTE 1998 – not getting the sulphur but agree with a touch a salt #glenrothesvintages @TheGlenrothes

The Glenrothes Vintage 1988
NOSE 1988 – a sweet fresh cigar lounge, cloves, butterscotch, peaches and apricots, dessert wine #glenrothesvintages @TheGlenrothes
NOSE 1988 – empire biscuits, plump cherries, mince pie, fan of the dram, yum! #glenrothesvintages @TheGlenrothes
TASTE 1988 – honey glazed hot almonds, cherry backwells, leathery & dusty, strudel, tough tingling tastic #glenrothesvintages @TheGlenrothes

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