Highland Park Tastings – New Orcadian Vintages

First we have to say a big thanks to Gerry Tosh (Highland Park’s Global Marketing Manager) for sending the Whisky Boys two grand samples for us to taste and review.

Highland Park Distillery,gerry-tosh-of-highland-park3
Holm Road,
KW15 1SU

telephone – 01856 874619

website – www.highlandpark.co.uk

Owners – The Edrington Group.

Check out Gerry Tosh’s Q & A by searching his name on this site. The first of the two Orcadian Vintages is:-

Highland Park – 1971 Orcadian Vintage Series, 46.7% Alc/vol 70cl. Bottled 2011

This dram has been matured in Spanish Oak Casks and Max McFarlane specially created this from 17 casks. With the total bottling only being 657 bottles. Lest pour out this little Goldie.

Colour…Lightly toasted oak

Nicola’s tasting


Nose…Sherry and malty but has a savoury undertone, floral, foliage.
Taste…Hot fruity with a heavy port attitude, mix of dried fruits, figs and dates.
Finish…Long with a wee spice hit and some Christmas cake creeping in.

Score…3.5 Corks

Jim’s tasting

Nose…Very rich, marzipan and sherry soaked raisins, I can find a slight hint of weak peat/smoke.
Taste…Toasted almonds, fresh oranges, dark chocolate, Turkish delight a slight hint of liquorice, soft and syrupy, loads of wood, almost chewable.
Finish…Medium to long finish, lip smacking with a delightful touch of smoke, this dram has everything in it, quite and delightful elegant dram.

Score…4 Corks

Overall score…4 Corks

Both the Whisky Boys found this dram to be a little corker and are rushing on to taste the next vintage and that is:-

Highland Park – 1976 Orcadian Vintage Series, 49.1 Alc/vol 70cl. Bottled in 2011

This dram has been matured in American Oak Casks and Max McFarlane specially created this from 13 casks. With the total bottling only being 893 bottles.

Colour…Pale honey

Nicola’s tastinghighland-park-1976

Nose…Fruit orchard with newly chopped wood.
Taste…Tobacco, leather straps, sherry and characteristics of honey and sweet syrup very, very complex wee dram.
Finish…Long, with perfumed soft cream.

Score…4 Corks

Jim’s tasting

Nose…Quite a delicate aroma of roadside heather, almonds, ripe fruit and yes! the slightest hint of smoke.
Taste…Spicy wood, marzipan topped fruits, very light and elegant.
Finish…Medium to long. floral notes creeping in, American cream soda hit, really like this one.

Score…4 Corks

Overall score…4  Corks

Well that was a tasting and a half, congratulations to all at Highland Park for these two wonderful expressions.highland-park-double-tasting

These two drams will be available to buy from Highland Park’s website and some specialist retailers (see below for RRP’s).  In the meantime, you can use our online shop window to treat yourself or someone special to either of the Highland Park 1970 or 1968 Orcadian Vintage Single Malt Whiskies.

1971 Vintage – £2300.00

1976 Vintage – £2000.00

Well here’s hoping our lottery ticket wins or a premium bond cheque comes through the door, and if so these two expressions will be in our cabinet in a flash. Thanks again Gerry, hope to meet up with you again, soon.


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