Jameson Black Barrel now Released

The Whisky Boys like the look of this dram and we will need to check out if it is available in the UK or can be purchased direct from Jameson or on-line. We will keep all our readers up to date on the availability of this Whiskey.


Jameson, the world’s No 1 Irish whiskey, has announced an extension to its award-winning range in the US, with the launch of Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel.

Revealed at a fire-themed, sensory event in Brooklyn on Sunday night, Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel takes its name from the select small batch grain whiskey that is solely matured in flamed charred bourbon barrels and only found in this product. Reflecting the craftsmanship and passion for perfection across the range, the new addition is a luxurious premium whiskey that delivers extra-rich taste and smoothness.jameson-select-reserve-black-barrel

Anna Malmhake, CEO for Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard says: “Jameson is enjoying huge success in the US, having reached the impressive 1 million nine litre case sales milestone. As our largest export market, with a 71% share, we remain committed to supporting the Irish whiskey category and we are confident that our loyal consumer base, who has supported the brand for so many years, will welcome the unique style of Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel.”

In a departure from the norm for Jameson, the new expression is blended from small-batch grain whiskey, triple-distilled by the Jameson Masters on one occasion each year and put aside to mature in flame-charred bourbon oak casks. It is then blended with single pot still Irish whiskey to create an exceptionally rich and luxurious taste experience.

The result is a bold and powerful whiskey that reflects the Irish spirit and lives up to the Jameson family motto, ‘Sine Metu’ meaning ‘without fear,’ which can still be found on every bottle of Jameson to this day.

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