Sainsbury’s Basic’s – Blended Scotch Whisky

This one was a tasting and a half.

Sainsbury’s Basic’s – Blended Scotch Whisky 40% Alc/vol, 70cl, Bottled in Scotland, Blender Unknown.

Jacqueline, Jim’s wife, thought that the Whisky Boys were enjoying the better drams and decided to buy them a bottle of basic’s, so that they could try the lower end of the market. The bottle, as you would expect had an uninspiring label with very little information on it.

Lets open the bottle and have a wee tasting.

The tastingsainsburys-logo

Colour…Mid amber

Nicola’s Tasting

Nose…Nothing to write home about, a bit chemicallyy.
Taste…Chemicals are in here, I think this is Whisky in name only.
Finish…The sooner the better.

Score… ½ Cork

Jim’s Tastingsainsburys-basics-blended-scotch-whisky1

Nose…You can tell it is Whisk,y but with tones that I did not recognise or like.
Taste…Even with water not to my liking, like Nicola I found some chemicals evident.
Finish… Did not linger to long, thank goodness.

Score… 1 Cork

Overall score…1 cork

Now for the news, this bottle cost Jacqueline £9.70, which the Whisky Boys thought was so overpriced, it is amazing what good blended drams you can buy for only1/2 pounds more.

This bottle had the slogan “A little less refined, great for mixing” now we think, as some wine drinkers think if you cannot drink it why mix or cook with it. So we would not waste any good Whisky cocktail by using this Blend.

The other statement on the bottle is that “if you are not satisfied with this product, return it for a full refund“. The Whisky Boys have decided not to return it , but to keep it for future blend tastings as a marker.

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